Good nutrition is a cornerstone of wellness, and Wellmark’s no stranger to encouraging smart choices at the lunch counter, grocery store, and snack bar. But healthy eating doesn’t always have to mean raw veggies and low-fat dip (though it’s a tasty combo!); in fact, a well-rounded, balanced diet encompasses all food groups—even healthy fats!

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It’s no secret that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so why is it the one meal we never seem to have time for? Here are some quick and healthy breakfast suggestions.

If you’re going to choose this option be sure to look for cereals with at least three grams of fiber and no more than five grams of sugar per serving.

Start with fruit juice or milk, add frozen fruit of choice for a natural sweetener, flavor with coconut or cacao powder then enhance your smoothie with a fiber booster (ex. Flaxseed, wheat germ or oat bran). It’s quick, easy and good for you. It’s also the best option if you get bored with diets easily because you can mix and match flavors in a jif!

Breakfast Bars
Pair these quick fix treats with milk, cheese, yogurt and/or fruit for a quick, balanced start to your day.


Believe it or not, there are ways to eat healthy with only 15 minutes between meetings. Try these healthy mobile meal options.

Bag Lunch
Pack your healthy lunch in advance by throwing a low-fat string cheese, grape tomatoes, sliced apples, deli turkey and baby carrots with hummus.

Wrap It Up
Wrap up a slice of deli turkey, lettuce, tomato, a strip of turkey bacon, avocado slices and low-fat salad dressing in a whole-wheat tortilla for a portable lunch option.

Veggie Time
Place leftover grilled vegetables, hummus or cheese and avocado slices on whole-grain bread for a vegetarian lunch option.


At the end of a long day, cooking is the last thing you should be worrying about. Instead of stopping for fast food, try these main dishes.

Create a Mexican-style brown rice casserole by mixing rice, salsa, refried beans, and corn, chili peppers with spinach and cheese then bake.

Mediterranean Pizza
A whole wheat pizza crust topped with tomatoes and feta cheese is a healthy twist on a family favorite.

Hearty Soup
A bean-based soup with whole-wheat bread is a great healthy dinner. Add onions, chili powder, celery and/or black beans to give new dimensions to the flavor.

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